Retaining Walls

We specialise in timber sleeper retaining walls. As Gold Coast retaining wall specialists we have built and repaired countless walls. We build strong and reliable timber retaining walls. Once we’ve built or repaired your wall you’ll know that you have many years to go before you need worry about it again.

Gold Coast timber retaining walls

Timber Retaining Walls

A properly treated and constructed timber retaining wall will last a long time. Retaining walls offer a way to create appealing, natural-looking walls. Design flexibility and cost are other reasons to build timber walls.

Retaining Wall Repair

Galea Handyman not only build quality retaining walls we can also repair and maintain old or fallen retaining walls. With out experience you know your wall will be good for years to come.

Fabricated steel post support for retaining wall

An example of our retaining wall repairs

What you see here is an example of our craftsmanship. By combining our welding and fabricating skills into a timber retaining wall repair, we’ve made a neat repair to this wall that will last for many years. The use of a fabricated steel post has allowed us to repair this wall more cheaply while still being stronger than a wooden post support. 

We love the colour and texture of timber, and the flexibility to design beautiful walls, but where appropriate we will incorporate other technologies into our retaining walls. Often a cheaper solution for a retaining wall, Galea Handyman are well known for innovative solutions. We can combine our welding and fabrication expertise for a cost-effective retaining wall repair. Before you commit a new retaining wall talk to Galea Handyman about retaining wall repairs.

Choosing A Retaining Wall

Timber retaining walls can include walls made from sleepers and pine logs. Hardwood sleepers look better and give you a great a long lasting retaining wall. Pine sleepers are cheaper and if properly treated can last well against local conditions and pests.  Before building or repairing your retaining wall consider talking to Galea Handyman. We’ll always give you good impartial advice on the various retaining wall options available to you. We can also advise on Gold Coast retaining wall rules.

Retaining walls are used for ground stabilization, changing land contours, creating level areas or as a landscape feature. Retaining walls are an important part of most landscaping projects. They can be used to create an eye catching feature in your landscape project. Let us repair your retaining wall and make it like new.
Timber retaining walls aren't always big. In this instance you see a small timber retaining wall combined with a pool fence we built. 
Galea Handyman specialise in timber and sleeper retaining walls. For all our Gold Coast retaining wall builds we take into consideration design, location and use. We design our retaining walls to allow for water to drain away, structural integrity and good looks. Our building skills allow us to produce long lasting quality retaining walls.


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