We repair damage caused by pests

As handyman specialists we are often called in to fix damage caused by termites or other pests. Termites can eat through wall and roofing timbers of a home in as little as three months. A carpenter ant infestation can cause as much damage as termites, expect they bore into wood rather than eat it. Rats and mice gnaw through wood, and some beetles can also cause structural damage.  Your home is your greatest asset, it pays to keep it safe, and structural. And it is also worth noting that termite and pest damage is not covered under your home insurance. So it is important that pests don’t cause any major damage to your home or wallet. 

Gold Coast Pest Inspector Gold Coast Pest Inspector Gold Coast Pest Inspector

Pest inspections can save your home

Archicentre Australia says termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest combined, this means you need to really consider a pest inspection more than when you are just purchasing a property. While regular inspections will not prevent attack, however, they will minimise the amount of damage caused before infestations can be eliminated.

We have called in to fix structural damage to windows and walls from termites and the cost can add up. While we are more than happy to fix the damage caused by these pests, as these are our bread and butter, we strongly recommend having regular pest inspections by a reputable and licensed pest Inspector. We have worked with, and recommend Gold Coast Pest Inspector Richard who always provides honest advice and will provide a pest management plan suitable for your needs.

Don’t get caught out with damage from pests. But if you do, give us a call!  We can fix most problems caused by pest damage.

Damage caused by ants or termites?