Galea Handyman repair, maintain and build pergolas and patios for Gold Coast homes and businesses. We can design and build a pergola for your outdoor area.  

Gold Coast Pergola


Pergolas are a cost-effective way create an extra outdoor living space. We can bring an outdoor area to life with a beautiful new pergola or repair a sad and tired one. Enjoy your Gold Coast lifestyle with a custom built pergola.

Gold Coast Patio specialist


Make your outdoor areas more usable with a custom built patio. We can use concrete, stone, bricks or tiles to create a beautiful patio for your Gold Coast home.

Expand your living area with a pergola or patio

Enjoy outdoor living with a custom built patio or pergola. A pergola or patio can create a year round outdoor space for entertaining with friends and spending time with family.  Make the most of those outdoor spaces that are otherwise unused or underused. 

Galea Handyman can design and build pergolas and patios that suit our climate and your lifestyle. The Gold Coast is all about Alfresco living and a new or renovated pergola can be designed to so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. 

Timber Patio
Create a beautiful new outdoor area for living and entertaining. Adding a timber patio to your house extends your living space into the great outdoors.
Tiled Patio
Small courtyards can become welcoming spaces with the addition of a tiled patio. Larger spaces look great with earthy tiles under an inviting pergola.
Creating welcoming entraceways and useable outdoor spaces with a Galea patio or pergola.

Free quotes on all patio and pergolas. Repairs and new builds.