When it comes to onsite welding Gold Coast has a great option in Galea Handyman Services. Peter Galea is a boilermaker by trade, meaning he’s a highly skilled and respected welder, and he’s all set-up for mobile onsite welding across the Gold Coast.

Galea Handyman come to you for
TIG welding, MIG welding and oxy acetylene welding.

Onsite MIG Welding Gold Coast

MIG welding is a great choice for joining a range of materials. For instance, we used this recently for creating a solid steel post to hold up a retaining wall (see the gallery below).

Onsite welding of things like this are perfect for MIG welding, where you have a big solid piece of metal requiring joining.

Providing cost-effective solutions (like the retaining wall mentioned above) is one of the reasons we love to be able to perform onsite MIG welding for our Gold Coast clients.

MIG is also great for larger construction jobs. See below for the

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Onsite TIG Welding Gold Coast

TIG welding is a bit trickier than MIG welding. Whereas your backyard hobbyist might be pretty handy with MIG welding, TIG welding usually requires a more skilled and expert hand.

We use TIG welding on finer materials, where MIG might blow through it, and when a finer finish is required.

Having a quality TIG welding machine is a pleasure for a skilled handyman and Peter, with his background as a boilermaker, is that man.

Give him a shout if you’ve got some welding needs doing that you think might be out of the range of the ordinary welder. He’ll come onsite to weld anywhere on the Gold Coast.

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Oxy Acetylene Welding

Oxy-acetylene pumps pure oxygen into a flame, creating an incredibly hot flame that can cut and weld.

This is the oldest form of welding and still has applications today, such as fusing or joining. We’ll use oxy-acetylene where appropriate for onsite welding repairs and fabrications, most usually for cutting through metals.

For more information about type of welding see this Wiki post.

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welding bottom rail

Welding Bottom Plate
Made to last

We replaced timber rails with solid steel on this verandah.

Welded and completed
Maintenance Free

This is one job that won’t need doing again. We’ve welded in super strong supports for these railings.
Onsite Welding Services
Onsite Fabrication Services
Onsite Welding Services

Services For Onsite Welding Gold Coast

We’re skilled and resourceful welders so we can weld almost anything. Here are some examples of our Gold Coast onsite welding services.

Onsite Fabrication Services

We can  fabricate a range of installations including carports, sheds and re-enforcements for all sorts of supports. If you have a special job then contact us for a quote. As handymen we can combine welding with other services to create the best and most cost-effective structure for your requirements. You can see in the above repair of an aging verandah, we fabricated new rails and supports. By welding in metal rails and supports where previously timber was used, we’ve guaranteed a strong and resilient solution for this client.

wleding and fabricating

Welding & Fabricating

Here we’re using our welding and fabricating skills to reinforce a retaining wall. With solutions like this, we can save our client money and make stronger wall than with using timber.

welding and fabricating for Gold Coast retaining wall

Welded support

This one is a post we welded and fabricated for another retailing wall. Instead of digging out the wall, we’ve bolted this custom made post to the existing concrete.

finished home

Finished project

This was a rickety rail and is now strong and secure.


Steel Post

We fabricated custom steel posts for a job. As you can see, we’ll bolt these into the ground.

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