Are you looking for home handyman services from a handyman with decades of experience? A handyman who is prompt, energetic and professional? You want Galea Home Handyman Services.

Galea Home Handyman Services have been on the Gold Coast for well over a decade. Owned and operated by Peter Galea, a boilermaker by trade, his handyman services company is the preferred handyman for clients such as real estate offices, banks and hotels. Peter’s love for his work shows through, whether he’s working for his commercial clients or as a home handyman.


Gold Coast Home Handyman Services Gates & Fences

Gold Coast Home Handyman Services Timber Retaining Walls

We repaired this fence and rebuilt the retaining wall as part of a small carpentry job timber retaining walls

Galea Home Handyman Services include fences and gates. We offer great flexibility in design and construction, often incorporating retaining walls and other elements into the design. We can weld, dig and build almost anything. This includes automatic electric gates.


Galea Home Handyman Services are relied on for great timber retaining walls and retaining wall repairs. Gold Coast homes often need sensible solutions for timber retaining walls. Galea home handyman services can offer attractive and practical solutions for your home’s timber retaining wall.

Gold Coast Home Handyman Services Welding

Gold Coast Home Handyman Services Patios & Decks

Gold Coast Welding Services galea pool deck

Peter Galea, the owner of Galea home handyman services, is a boilermaker by trade. His background in welding in unparalleled by other home handymen on the Gold Coast. He has a welding workshop and a mobile onsite welding service. Galea will help you with any welding and fabricating you need.

Galea Home Handyman Services specialize in decks, pergolas and patios. Peter Galea loves building and repairing decks. He brings to them expert handyman skills such as carpentry and welding. As a boilermaker by trade he’s often fabricating parts for cheaper and very effective solutions.

For more of Galea’s handyman services see our Gold Coast Handyman Services page.

You can contact Peter using the phone number below or through our contact page. He’ll provide you with competitive quotes on any work you require. Being a handyman with a bunch of skills means you can book Galea for a range of jobs. See the link above for our services.