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Gold Coast Fencing Contactor

in town.

  • timber fences

    Timber Fences</h3 >

    Timber fences are always popular because they cost-effective long term solution to fencing. Galea have years of experienc making Gold Coast timber fences.

  • picket fences

    Picket Fences</h3 >

    Attractive and decorative picket fences, perhaps combing with brickwork or steel fabrication, are a Galea staple. We love building picket fences.

  • colorbond fences

    Colorbond Fences</h3 >

    Coming in a range of colours to suit all homes, Gold Coasters choose Colorbond fences when they want maintenance free fences.

  • fences and gates

    Fences and Gates</h3 >

    We love working on gates of any shapes and sizes, including automated remote controlled gates.

Gold Coast Fences Build So Far

Every week Galea Handyman delivers great fences for Gold Coast homes. From rebuilding and replacing broken fences to entire fence lines on new properties, Galea Handyman hardly have a week pass without doing some fencing contracting on the Gold Coast.

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Gold Coast retaining wall

New Fences

We build new fences for Gold Coast homes using a variety of methods. From Colourbond to timber and steel when required. We can adapt our methods to any fence.

Fence Repairs

Using a variety of techniques, we can repair fences, giving you a cheap alternative to replacing fences. With welding, timber work and other techniques available to us that many won’t have, we can repair and make beautiful old fences.


Automated and remote control gates are a specialty for Galea Handyman. We can fabricate and install gates for any number of situations.

fences background

For Gold Coast Fencing Think Galea

Galea Handyman build fences and gates for a variety of properties. From commercial to residential, from timber fences to custom steel fabricated gates, we can deliver any type of fence you require.

We can rebuild existing fences and fence a property line. Images below show a sagging fence and retaining wall we rebuilt for a Gold Coast client.

We also do all types of welding and steel fabrications meaning we can repair and construct features such as steel framed gates.

For complete and flexible fencing and gate solutions Galea Handyman is your best choice. As experienced an experiences handyman we can come up with solutions that are more practical and better value than a fencing contractor might.

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