There are three important things customers want in a home handyman: good communication, quality service and a reasonable budget, Galea Handyman tick all three boxes.

Peter of Galea Handyman is a customer-oriented handyman whose Gold Coast home handyman company has taken on the challenge of providing Gold Coast homeowners premium handyman services that will meet all budgets. Peter and his team are dedicated to providing quality services to customers.Their home handyman services include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, painting, drywall repair, floor contractor, general contractor, fence repairs, deck repairs and welding. For all services visit here.

Gold Coast Home Handyman

Galea Handyman deliver every service you need to take care of, remodel or repair your home. No job is too small or too big for this Gold Coast based team. They are your one-stop shop for a wide range of home maintenance, remodeling, and repair solutions. From South Brisbane to Coolangatta they take on all those home handyman jobs you or have been putting off!

Let’s be honest, very few people really enjoy painting their home. As luck would have Peter Galea enjoys it and is extraordinarily thorough about his painting. He will plaster and paint holes in walls and ceilings, and paint whole houses

Been putting off fixing that staircase? Then it is time to call in the home handyman skills of Galea Handyman and they will repair it in no time. Leaving you with a fabulous and functional bathroom.

Does your grouting needs repairing in the bathroom? Look no further. This team of experienced Gold Coast home handymen will make your life easier and your home look great.

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