Gold Coast Handyman Facts and Figures

Before you embark on any Gold Coast handyman activities around the house consider some facts.

Work around the home can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Climbing a ladder to clean the gutters results in more injuries than any other home handyman activities. In fact 40% of DIY deaths are due to falls from a ladder or roof. And the older you get the more likely you are to fall, the age group of 65 – 74 were more likely to present at the emergency department for a fall from a ladder. Of those falls, 81% will occur to men

The lesson here lads, is not to to clean your gutters or fix any roofing issues. Instead call Peter your reliable (and ladder efficient) Gold Coast Handyman.

Gold Coast Handyman

Tools around the house!

COVID resulted in a lot of home handyman activities. New bathrooms, decks, landscape maintenance and painting. It also resulted in a 48% increase in emergency department presentations! The most common Do-it-yourself injury types in October 2020 were open wounds, foreign body injuries, superficial injuries, eye injuries and fractures. DIY injuries were commonly caused by powered tools such as grinders, powered saws and drills, as well as powered lawnmowers.

Don’t be a tool, get a home handyman who knows their way around all kinds of power tools. Contact Gold Coast Handyman Peter Galea

Lawnmowers are dangerous

In October 2020 the most common type of injury relating to lawnmowers was a fracture to the tip of a finger (41 cases), while amputation of the thumb or 1 or more fingers was reported in 57 cases. There were also 10 cases of amputation of the toe(s) or other part of the foot. There is a reason we wear shoes when mowing, to save your toes. Let’s just reflect on the above statistic, 57 people put their fingers near the blades of a working lawnmower!

Don’t be a statistic!  Instead contact Gold Coast handyman Peter!


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