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Galea Home Maintenance Services are (you guessed it) handyman service, which means we can do anything. From carpentry to welding we can make your ideas occur.

What Small Carpentry Jobs

Carpentry skills are required on a lot of jobs, often not specifically carpentry jobs. Carpentry skills allow us to:

We also take on small carpentry jobs that may have been too difficult for our clients.

Some of our small carpentry jobs in the past have included replacing treads on steps, installing mouldings in a heritage house and small repairs to fences and gates for some of our older clients who are no longer to do these jobs themselves. You might need someone for a task as simple as fixing a broken chair or wooden framed lounge. Unlike many builders, we are prepared to come to you and complete these small carpentry jobs.

Knowing when you need a carpenter for small job

You may be surprised at just how much a carpenter can do in your home. Carpenters can do the following tasks amongst many others:

  • Building staircases

    We can build, repair or install staircases using our carpentry skills.

  • Framing walls

    We can build internal walls.

  • Installing doors and windows

    We can install new window and doors or replace old ones.

  • Building decks or pool surrounds

    From large decks to small patios our carpentry skills will ensure we deliver you a perfect outdoor area.

  • Building and installing cabinetry

    We renovate, build or refurbish kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Repairing damage to wooden structures

    Well used timber structures need maintenance. We will repair and replace parts of damaged fences, decks or furniture.

  • Building pergolas, gazebos or other outdoor structures

    We can build outdoor timber structures to meet your needs. 

Gold Coast Decks

Small Carpentry Jobs Gold Coast

There are loads of reasons why you might need a handyman for small carpentry jobs. There are times when a carpenter isn’t required, is too expensive or they’re not available when you need them. You might have a list of small jobs, including plaster repairs, fence repairs and a small carpentry job. This is when a handyman is perfect. You won’t find a handyman more willing or able then Galea Handyman. When you have a small carpentry job call us. 

Galea Handyman love this kind of work. When you have a small carpentry job you need doing, contact us for a quote.  

Other times you may need a carpenter include:

Installing framing for the home (walls, ceilings, roof, and floors), measuring and cutting wood for projects as required, reading and interpreting blueprints, installing timber cladding, building fences, building formwork or laying timber floors.

As your Gold Coast carpenter, we can do all of these jobs plus much more.

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No carpentry job is to small.

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