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An experienced Gold Coast handyman for onsite home and commercial maintenance.

Why Galea Handyman

Reliable Handyman Services

You want the Gold Coast handyman who turns up on time, does the job to budget and completes everything to your satisfaction. Try Galea Handyman and experience the difference.

Peter Is Your Man!

Peter Galea has been providing reliable handyman services to the Gold Coast for well over a decade, gathering a loyal band of clients who value reliability.

Experienced Handyman Services

You want a handyman who is experienced across a wide range crafts. That's Peter Galea. He's got a wide background making fences, retaining walls, plastering, painting and making beautiful decks.

Peter Is Your Man!

With over 25 years experience, a boilermaker by trade, Peter Galea has the experience to complete your handyman work to your complete satisfaction.

Expert Handyman Services

Difficult jobs are easy for the experts. Retaining walls, pergolas, welding and fabrications, door and gate repairs, landscaping and garden work, all done with care and expertise.

Peter Is Your Man!

Call Peter today for a quote on your job. His expertise and knowledge will be evident when you talk to him. You'll see his solutions are based on knowing his craft well.

About Galea Home Maintenance

25 years experience servicing your Gold Coast home and commercial handyman needs.

Peter Galea, owner and manager of Galea Handyman, has over 25 years experience as a home handyman. With a backround as a boilermaker, Peter loves combining his skills and passions for carpentry with welding and fabricating. He creates cost-effective solutions for your home and commercial handyman jobs.



    Call Peter 0400 22 44 26

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